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Labrador Retriever
Body Size:Large
Life Span:10-12 years
Labrador Retriever Video
These gentle dogs trace their origins back to the St. John's region of Newfoundland, Canada. Labradors are a strong built medium sized, short coupled dog possessing a sound, athletic conformation, traits that enable it to function as a gun dog, a winner in the show ring and a gentle family companion. Their coat is short and dense with a hard texture look/feeling and a soft, weather-resistant undercoat. A slight wave down the back is permissible. Colors are solid black, yellow (light cream to fox red) and chocolate (light to dark).... Labrador Retriever Facts.
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German Shepherd Dog
Body Size:Large, Extra Large
Life Span:13-15 years.
German Shepherd Dog Video
The first one known as the German Shepherd Dog, registered in the US was "Queen of Switzerland" in 1908. During WWI, the AKC renamed it the "Shepherd Dog" but, renamed it in 1933 back to "German Shepherd Dog". After World War I these dogs were named the Alsatian. Today they are again known by the correct name of German Shepherd Dog. German Shepherds are powerful and well muscled with a slightly elongated form. The height at the shoulders is 21 1/2" to 25 1/2". These dogs are all around working,... German Shepherd Dog Facts.
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Body Size:
Life Span:
Wolfdog Video
Wolf "hybrids" are a cross between a Wolf and a domestic dog. However, in 1992, scientists reclassified dogs and Wolves as the same species making the term "hybrid" obsolete. Wolf content, the number of generations removed from a pure Wolf and the type of dog used in each cross must be considered when defining a Wolfdog. Because of random genetics inherited from both the dog and the Wolf, the looks and/or behavior can vary. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend. Wolfdog Facts.
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Golden Retriever
Body Size:Large
Life Span:10-13 years.
Golden Retriever Video
These dogs were developed in the late 1800s and were first exhibited in 1908. They have a gentle mouth and will rarely snap or bite and are especially patient with children. Goldens are well mannered and intelligent dogs. They are easily trained, loyal, confident, sweet and eager to please. They thrive on human contact and can become mischievous if left alone for long periods of time. Daily exercise will keep these dogs happy. The smooth, medium length double coat is easy to groom with regular brushing. They weigh 55 to... Golden Retriever Facts.
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Yorkshire Terrier
Body Size:Toy, Small
Life Span:12- 15 years.
Yorkshire Terrier Video
Developed in England around the mid 1800s, the Yorkie has developed into one of the more popular breeds of today. This compact little dog makes a great companion for anyone, whether in small or large home environments. It has a silky, long coat which does require regular grooming. The Yorkie makes a great watchdog and requires little exercise to stay in shape. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend. Yorkshire Terrier Facts.
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American Pit Bull Terrier
Body Size:Medium, Large
Life Span:12-15 years
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These dogs descend from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossed with other fighting dogs including the extinct Fighting Bulldog. Pit Bulls are as much a victim of the media as they are of their historic breeding. Some unscrupulous owners take advantage of these dogs' natural tenaciousness and strength to train them for fighting. In reality, Pit Bulls are great family companions. They require solid training from an early age. These dogs weigh between 30 to 80 lbs. and stand 18-22" at the shoulders. Contact the dog breeders below for your next... American Pit Bull Terrier Facts.
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Body Size:Toy, Small
Life Span:14-15 years
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Also known as Havana Silks. Havanese are gentle, playful, and affectionate. They become very attached to their human family and are excellent with children. They have a high degree of intelligence. Exercise requirements are moderate. Coat colors are cream, gold, silver, blue and black. The coat can be clipped short for easier care, if left long it should be thoroughly brushed and combed at least twice a week. These dogs weigh 7 to 13 lbs. and stand 8-11" at the shoulders. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family... Havanese Facts.
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Body Size:Toy, Small
Life Span:12-14 years
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The Pug is one of the oldest breeds and a devoted, faithful and loving companion. The Pug is believed to have been of Oriental origin with some basic similarities to the Pekingese. Easily adaptable, these dogs are at home anywhere, whether in a small apartment or vast country estate. This even tempered breed is playful, outgoing and dignified. It weighs an average of 14 to 18 pounds and is very compact in size. Its smooth coat comes in black, silver, apricot or fawn color. The breed is ideal for those... Pug Facts.
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Standard Poodle
Body Size:Large
Life Span:12-15 years
Standard Poodle Video
The oldest of the three varieties of poodles, the Standard is widely known throughout Europe as a retriever of waterfowl. Its origin is debated, but seems likely that they began in Russia or Germany. This breed measures an average of 25 inches at the shoulder and is available in black, brown, blue, silver, apricot, cream and white. The poodle is a great family pet for both city and country living. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend. Standard Poodle Facts.
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French Bulldog
Body Size:Medium
Life Span:10-12 years
French Bulldog Video
These are sturdy little dogs with large, erect, rounded bat ears, flat muzzles and pug noses. French Bull Dogs are playful and affectionate, curious and alert. They love to clown around and can run and play for hours. They need companionship and will not thrive without it. They often bond strongly to one person. Frenchies are good with children when raised with them from puppyhood. These dogs are not easy to train and do not like hot weather. Coat colors are fawn, pied and red or black brindle. Grooming is... French Bulldog Facts.
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The Most Popular Dogs. Although all dogs, whether pure-bred or mutts are lovable and adorable, many animal lovers are interested in only the most popular dog breeds. What is your favorite puppy? Everyone has their own preference. Many people love a more aggressive dog such as a German Shepherd, while others prefer a mild-tempered, smaller dog. No matter what type of dog you have or want, remember that the right one will make a perfect addition to your family and will be your top dog. customers and clients are encouraged to vote for their most popular dog. Anyone who buys a dog or puppy, please vote for your top dog. Please return periodically or bookmark this page to keep informed on the top dog. What dogs are the most popular dog breeds? What is your favorite dog breed?

Famous Dogs from Yesterday and Today
The ever-loyal canine, man's (or woman's) best friend, wouldn't be given its proper due without a discussion about its place in history. Dogs have been part of our lives for centuries, and while most dogs live in relative obscurity, some dogs have been quite famous, either because of their own deeds, or those of their owners. Learn more about the top dog breeds, the most popular dogs, Famous Dogs and top dog topics below:

Presidential dogs ~ Dogs who own celebrities ~ Dogs who were celebrities themselves
Dogs made famous by their bravery and loyalty

A Famous Dog for His Service

Buddy Frank
Buddy's owner Morris Frank got into a fight when he was in school in 1916, and ultimately lost his sight. He wanted the same kind of independence he had had prior to losing his sight, and didn't like having to depend on people to get around. An article in the Saturday Evening Post, written by Dorothy Harrison Eustis, described how dogs were being trained at several German schools to guide the blind. Morris Frank contacted Eustis, wanting not only a dog for himself in order to regain his independence, but to establish a program whereby other people could also acquire guide dogs to guide them as needed. Morris Frank met Buddy, a female guide dog in Germany in 1928, and worked with her there before returning to the United States. Buddy is a very popular dog, and top dog to Mr. Frank. Buddy is officially considered the first Seeing Eye dog, and she and Morris Frank, along with Dorothy Eustis, established The Seeing Eye, an institution in Nashville that trains guide dogs and their owners.


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