Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics

Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics

Kim-Con Cats
Kittens available from Walker and Jazz,
a black and white female.

Welcome to the home of Karen Williams, web page for Kim-Con Exotic Shorthairs and Curly Selkirks.

Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics

My cattery was started in La Crosse, Wisconsin and named for my daughters, Kim and Connie when they were small girls. They now have their own families. My sons Rick and Ryan also were a big help in caring for the cats and kittens. At that time I raised Persians, specializing in whites. Our family also went to horse shows and dog obedience in addition to cat shows in the Midwest.

After the children were on their own, I lived in Dallas, Texas for seven years and Bakersfield, California for two years, where I obtained my first Exotic Shorthairs. After moving to Houston, Texas I started showing at the area shows & made many friends and joined the Houston Cat Club and eventually served on the Board of Directors. At this time I met Debra Sutherland, owner of LaPurrfect Selkirks and acquired my first Selkirk, a homozygous who produced some winning curling babies from the Exotic Shorthair cross.

Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics
Percy, the blue Exotic female shown at the
Phoenix show is expecting in September.

Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics
China black white girl 4 wks
Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics
China 3 boy on right

Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics
China x Cliff white boy 3 wks

Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics
CFA Grand Champion Kim-Con Walk
The Line Red classic tabby and white
Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics
Stone Creek Cliff Hanger
Odd-Eye White Exotic Shorthair

I moved to Mesa, Arizona May 2003 and have been active in all of the area cat shows.
I am a member of the Superstition Cat Fanciers.

I have a small cattery and raise my babies under foot.
They are sweet and used to bathing and handling.

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Kim-Con Shorthair Exotics

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