Siamese - The Siamese comes in three varieties. The Regal Siamese is one of the best-known cats in the world. This type of cat has been recorded in Thailand (formerly Siam) since the 14th century. The Siamese's longhair relative, the Balinese, is named after the graceful, swaying dancers of Bali.

- A close relation to the Siamese. A popular and friendly breed, the Burmese came from a mating between a Siamese cat and a brown cat from Burma. These brown cats had been living in Burmese Buddhist temples since the 15th century. Burmese are now bred in many colors.

More Tonkinese kittens like him available for sale at this time.

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KATKO was established in 1984, and for the last 24 years we have continued to breed for temperament and conformation.
All my cats/kittens are hand raised and live within my home. Our cattery has earned the rating of "CFA Cattery of Excellence". 

Gracie and Dylan.

 Our kittens are always kept inside and raised with their moms, after several weeks they are allowed to venture upstairs for further bonding with people and other animals. 

We feed only premium foods to our cats and kittens. Such as Iams, Eukanaba, Royal canin, and Bench and field, eagle Holistic chicken cat food. We find our cats and kittens thrive on these top quality foods.
Our involvement with these breeds allows our customers to select from a rainbow of colors. Our TRADITIONAL APPLE HEAD SIAMESE produce Seal Point and Blue Point kittens. However, we are trying to establish Lilac Points and Chocolate Points in the near future. Our TRADITIONAL BURMESE produce the three main colors-Sable, Champagne and Platinum.

Each kitten receives 2 or 3 vaccines before leaving for their new homes.  This provides thorough coverage, and provides confidence in the health of our kittens.


Our kittens leave our care with a one year health guarantee against any genetic defects. If such is found with Veterinarian Certification, we will replace the kitten. This and any other specifics are included in our written sales contract.

Depending on how they are doing, our kittens can be flown out of the Portland, Oregon Airport at the age of 10 to 12 weeks.

Even though we live 25 miles from the airport, we do not charge an additional fee for the trip to deliver kittens to the airport.



KATKO cats and kittens are Registered with CFA, TICA and ACA. 

Our kittens also come with a written health guarantee!  We do ship throughout the U.S.A.

 Sable Kittens

Bluepoint male kitten

Burmese kitten

Sealpoint Siamese male kittens

Siamese Ting Sylvester
Reclining on chaise lounge

Siamese Shifu lounging


Felix - Sold

Felix and Figaro - Sold



However, shipping crates and health certificates are additional and are not included in the price of the kitten.

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