Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
70+ Championships to date.

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers.

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Am/Nat/Intl Ch.
Eden Valley Hardly a Dog (Male)

Hi, my name is Dolores.  Yorkies have been the love of my heart since the acquisition of my first Yorkie in the late 60's.  I don't blame the nice man that sold me the first one that I tried to show.  I paid a pet price and he had no idea that I would become an exhibitor.  For that matter, neither did I.

With 30+ years in the breed, breeding for quality has been, and still is my priority.  With 70+ Championships to my credit, I must be doing something right.  Any puppy of my breeding, will have 25 to 35 Champions in a 5 generation pedigree.  The photos herein represent the quality that you can expect from Eden Valley Yorkies. These photos are all of my dogs, not someone else's.  I dont post photos of puppies that I currently have for sale, their looks change rapidly.  The puppy you see a photo of one day, may look considerable different in a few weeks, which could conceivably cause you to think it wasnt the puppy you expected, or bought.  These photos are posted to give you a general idea of about what kind of an adult look you may expect from one of my puppies.  If you like the photos you see here of my dogs, you can be certain that a puppy from me should be to your liking.

If you are looking for quality in your next companion/pet, then you will definitely want to purchase from a breeder who has the expertise that you are counting on.  Remember, anyone can be a breeder and the Internet is chock full of 'breeders' listings.  It makes me no difference at all if you don't purchase from me, I would just like you to select a person of reputation to do business with, so you will be completely satisfied.

Being a breeder isn't just as simple as putting 2 dogs together and hope you'll get good puppies. Studying the pedigrees to bring out the good qualities on each side is what constitutes being a 'responsible breeder.'  Please deal with someone who knows what they are doing and above all, is trying to improve on each litter they're producing.

When my first couple of Yorkies couldn't get any more than Reserve at the shows, I looked for better quality.  I learned that if you want real quality, you'd better go to those who know the breed

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Nat/Intl Ch. Eden Valley My Turn (Male)

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
International Champion
Eden Valley Is That A Fax (Male)

In your search for just the right puppy and breeder, please remember that the Internet offers many options and, as good as the Internet is, unfortunately, it also gives out a lot of false impressions and much confusing information. Selecting a knowledgeable breeder will be of great value to you.

The Internet is an advertising source only and, all advertisers are not of the same caliber.  The qualities of Yorkies that some breeders produce are only a reflection of their reasons for breeding in the first place.  I kid you not, if they're not breeding to 'improve' with each litter, then they're not dedicated to preserving the quality of the breed.

As much as I hate to tell you this, there are in fact, puppy millers advertising on the WWW.  Policing is not the job of the referral service; it's your responsibility.  Therefore, I would encourage you to feel 100% comfortable with the person you are talking to.  If too many red flags pop up, let that be your clue to keep looking, no matter how long it takes.

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Am/Can Ch. Eden Valley Heidi Heidi Ho (Female)
Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Am/Can Ch. Eden Valley
Son Of A Pac Man (Male)
Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Ch. Eden Valley Tite Blue Genes (Female)

I tell you these things not to scare you, or 'put you off' on the breed. I don't even mind the cost to post this information on the Internet because I know down deep in my heart that someone will read it and learn from it.  Although you may never contact me, if you know that I have pointed you in the right direction, then my mission has been accomplished.

I do appreciate it when someone takes the time to let me know his or her opinion on my site. I no longer have an email address available.

If youve been wondering how come there are more males for sale than females, let me give you my spin on it.  (1) Our litters are usually small, one, two or three puppies per litter.  (2) We usually have more males born than females, why, I dont have a clue.  Ive heard that the male sperm swims faster than the female sperm, thus resulting in more males.  Could be, I sure havent been able to figure it out.  (3) A breeder needs to keep more females than males.  In my opinion, these are the 3 prime factors why males are in more plentiful supply.  If youre dead set on a female, expect the search to be harder, take longer and, expect to pay more for a female than you would for a male.  Males are just as sweet and, loveable and make just as good of a pet as a female does. Males are no harder to potty train than a female.  It takes time and patience to train an animal to your desires.  Its not the animal's fault if youre not a good trainer.  Watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel, you will learn a LOT.

Yorkies are all born black and go through many changes from birth to adulthood. The younger they are when their color start turning/breaking on their head and body, the lighter their body color will be when mature.  I can tell you more about a 10-week-old puppy than I could when it was 8 weeks of age. Likewise, I can know more about the projected adult size, color, and texture when a puppy is 4 months old than I could have at 3 months of age. As a person who has 30 + years in the breed, I can tell you it is all but impossible to know at 6 to 8 weeks of age the mature size, weight, color, texture, etc. of an individual puppy.  Don't let anyone kid you into thinking that you can be sure of what the puppy is going to look like when it is grown, just because you've been able to see the parents.  Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Am/Can Ch. Eden Valley Pac Man (Male) as a puppy.

Be realistic, just how many people do you personally know that the kids all look exactly like the mom and dad.  The bottom line is, it's just how those genes match up.  Show people study the pedigrees and know what is 'behind' the stud and dam before they do a breeding. Even so, there is a 'throw back' once in a while.

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Am/Nat/Intl Ch.
Eden Valley Walk That Walk (Male)

You'll find the most knowledgeable breeders among those who are exhibitors.  After all, that's where the show quality dogs come from.  They certainly don't come from the back yard breeders, pet stores, puppy mills, or the newspaper.  Don't think you are paying for a show price just because you buy from a show person. In part, you're paying for their knowledge and ability to properly evaluate each puppy, and price them according to their quality.  You stand a much better chance of getting what you pay for from a knowledgeable breeder than from any other kind.  As hard as this may be for you to believe, show people rarely make any money at this.  This is mostly a hobby, and a very expensive one at times.  Especially if you take in Specialties and Westminster, as I do frequently.

We do not have a kennel; all of our dogs are also pets and live in the house with us.  I want each puppy that I sell to go to a loving, caring home that is going to as good or better than ours.  Is that the kind of home you have for one of my puppies?  Yorkies are house dogs, not outside dogs and should not be shut in the garage or laundry room.  Yorkies are people dogs; they want to be with you. You won't believe how much love one little dog can give you, that is, unless you have already been a Yorkie owner.
Only my love of the breed surpasses the pleasure I derive from exhibiting.  Many of the puppies that are being loved and just sitting on someones' lap could have been exhibited but, someone came along that needed a puppy more than I did.  30+ years in the breed and 70+ Championships later, I can honestly say that I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish in the breed.  Not to mention the many, many new friends that I've made, all because of the Yorkies.  Incidentally, this is the only breed that I've been involved with as a breeder/exhibitor. No other breeds at this household.

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Am/Can Ch. Eden Valley Son Of A Pac Man (Male)

I appreciate the time that you have taken to read my site; therefore, I must tell you that my prices reflect those of comparable exhibitor/breeders of like quality.  We do not breed for pet store or newspaper type/priced puppies.  Therefore, you are going to find cheaper prices in the newspaper.  If price is your main priority, please look to your local newspaper.  If owning a Yorkie of quality from a a reputable breeder is of any importance to you, then seek out an exhibitor/breeder.  Go to www.YTCA.org to learn about the Yorkshire Terrier standard and to find Yorkie breeders in your area.  You will also learn that 'teacup' is not in our standard and is not an acceptable description.

In your search for your next puppy you will learn that prices will vary drastically from breeder to breeder and region to region.  Youre going to find higher prices from an exhibitor/breeder than from others, that's how it should be.  Exhibitor breeders put much more time, work, and money into this than other breeders.  If it's been 8, 10, or 14 years since you purchased your last Yorkie, please be informed that nothing, absolutely nothing, is close to or even double the cost it was that long ago.  We work just as hard now to produce good quality, however, our costs have escalated.  Veterinary charges are sometimes mind boggling but when you need a vet, you can't quibble about the charge.  I might cry later, but at the precise moment I've got to bite the bullet and go with my vets recommendation.  Likewise, a hairbrush that used to cost $2.00 now may cost $18.00 or $20.00.  A crate that used to cost $6.00 now cost $40.00.  I've seen the internet charges triple.  I could go on and on, but you surely get the point.

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Typical Eden Valley Yorkie litter.
Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Ch. Beholda Glow (Female)
Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Typical 6-8 month old Eden Valley Puppy.
If your primary reason is to show, please wait until the puppy is 5 to 10 months of age before you purchase one. This is a toy breed and their growth period brings about many changes.

You, the purchaser, must accept full responsibility for your actions if you purchase a young puppy.

What Does A Puppy Cost? 

I sell all puppies as a pet with either a limited or a full registration, depending on your needs.

registration means no breeding and that you are acceptable to spaying or neutering your puppy.  What 'Limited" really means is that if either the Sire of Dam have a "Limited" reg., their puppies will not be able to be registered with AKC.  AKC will  gladly reverse a limited reg. for a fee, however, it is reversible only by the breeder.  If you purchase with a limited reg., you  get the same quality puppy, just with restrictions and you do not have a guarantee that the breeder will reverse it for you later.  I explain this to my purchasers and have not had anyone want to reverse one yet.  Two people tried some funny stuff, one doctored up the reg. paper and had to contact me when AKC wouldn't register the puppy.  The other one bought an adult dog whose papers had been lost, so they expected me to apply for lost papers and give them a full registration to boot!  Both of then got mad at me but I was justified in refusing their request.

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers
Am/Nat/Intl Ch.
Eden Valley How'd U Do That (Male)
Full registration means you have full privileges and may breed or show.

My LIMITED registration prices
STARTING prices for MALES $1,500.00 (and up)
STARTING prices for FEMALES $3,000.00 (and up)

If you only want a pet, a limited regstration is all you need.

My Full registration prices, MALE or FEMALE, depend entirely on the quality of the individual puppy and the needs of the new owner.  No posted prices, phone quote only.  If you plan to breed or show, it would be advisable to say so, so the breeder will know your intentions.

I don't price a puppy until I am ready to sell it. I price each puppy according to it's age, size, sex, quality and of course your needs. If you 'only want a pet' then a limited registration will work just fine for your purpose. Please be advised that each breeder does their own pricing. Unfortunately, the old clich 'you get what you pay for' isn't always applicable to puppy pricing.

It's quite possible for you to pay a big price to a person whose motive is primarily financial and has not put the time and cost into their breeding program that a show person has. If you think I'm kidding, just get yourself a dog, any breed, and start showing. It won't take you long to realize that the time invested is more like a working hobby and the cost can rapidly escalate to $5,000 to $10,000. With 70+ Championships behind me, how much money would you guess that I've put into the quality of dogs that I am producing? We won't even get into how much time I spend daily with grooming, feeding, laundry, mopping etc.

hanks for your consideration.  Don't hesitate to contact me if you think I might be of further assistance in your acquisition of an addition to your household.  Please refer all health, and behavioral questions to your trusted veterinarian.  I'm only a breeder.

From my website I hope you feel that I have quality dogs and I am up front, honest, thorough and professional.  I'm sure that's what you expect and I endeavor to provide that level of service to you.

Dolores P. Kauffman --- Show Exhibitor/Breeder for 30+ years
530-637-4143 Phone Calls preferred

Northern California

Shipping from Sacramento, CA $350.00 - $400.00

Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers

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Eden Valley Yorkshire Terriers

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