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Mi-Ki Puppies For Sale
Mi-kis share common ancestors with the Papillion, Maltese and Japanese Chin. These dogs are friendly, alert and make excellent companions. They possess a high degree of intelligence and have an even temperament which makes them ideal therapy dogs. They love children. Excellent for apartment living, they can be trained to a litter box. They also enjoy going for walks outside. The coat comes in various colors and two types, long and short. They shed little to no hair. Groom once a week with a wire comb. These dogs weigh up to 10 lbs. and stand 10 to 11" at the shoulders. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.
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  • Puppies Available Now!
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      Puppies For Sale!
      The perfect rare, toy breed. 5 - 7 pounds. All colors. Non-shedding, healthy, fun loving companions. National & International Champions. Puppies available. Call for more information. Brookeville, Maryland
    • Todd & Linda Elliott (301) 924-1016 (Day) / (301) 570-0451 (Eve and Weekends)
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  • Puppies coming in December 2014!
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      Puppies For Sale!
      Puppies Available Now! So you have made a decision to choose a hobby breeder. Please visit our website and find the perfect puppy for your family. West Palm Beach, Florida
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      Puppies For Sale!
      Family raised & loved, our Mi-kis will be a blessing to you! Registered with MBUSA, ensures great lineage, and true Mi-ki characteristics..quiet, outgoing, affectionate, always there for you! New Port Richey, Florida
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