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Of course you know what a Golden Retriever looks like, because this is one of the top 10 dog breeds. But do you know what the English Crème Golden Retriever looks like? These dogs have the lightest shade of fur in shades that include ultra light, platinum blonde, and ultra blonde; and at first glance few people identify them as a true Golden. The pale, moonlight coloring of the English Crème Golden Retriever is so unique that your puppy just can't help being the center of attention no matter where he happens to be. The pleasant disposition of these dogs makes them a delight for any family and that beautiful, light colored fur is just an added bonus. There are differences between the English and American Golden Retrievers other than the coloring. The English dogs have flatter, wider muzzles, shorter legs, wider shoulders and a square, blocky skull. These dogs also have a shorter coat than the familiar American Golden Retriever and their bodies have a stockier build with larger bones.
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    • English Creme Golden Retriever Puppies For SaleAdvertising with us for 9yr(s)!
      Puppies For Sale!
      Potty trained pups available. Rare English Cream (WHITE) AKC OFA, CERT, & Cerf certified, with champ lines. Will ship & Credit Cards Accepted. Moorpark, California
    • Tim & Barbie Hoke (805) 532-2216
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    • English Creme Golden Retriever Puppies For SaleAdvertising with us for 5yr(s)!
      Puppies For Sale!
      Puppies Available Throughout-Year! Exquisite 100% English Crème Goldens! Raised for health, beauty & temperament. Excellent with children & other pets! Vet certified - 2 year Health Guarantee. Parents OFA / Health Certified, CH Bloodlines. Safe Shipping Nationwide. Also has Golden Retriever. Logan, Utah
    • Susan (801) 910-9333
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    • English Creme Golden Retriever Puppies For SaleAdvertising with us for 7yr(s)!
      Puppies For Sale!
      Very Sweet Natured Golden's. Small in-home breeder of both English Cream AKC Golden Retrievers and Blonde color Golden's. Reservations being accepted for July 2014 English Pups to take home. Also has Golden Retriever. New Jersey
    • Ted (See My Web site)
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