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Dog Mixes & Designer Dogs Puppies For Sale
Mixed breeds usually start with unplanned matings between purebred dogs. However, now there are planned breedings between Poodles and Labradors, Yorkies and Bichons, Poodles and Cockers and even Bulldogs and Boxers. Most of these breedings are to produce positive traits such as non-shedding and hypo-allergenic qualities. These dogs come in many colors, sizes and weights. They are intelligent, loyal and alert. They make great companion dogs and most are easy to train, though some do need firm handling. They are usually good with children. Grooming needs will vary depending on the breed mix. These dogs can weigh from 7 to 77 lbs. and stand 9-21" at the shoulder. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.
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  • Chocolate MalShis are here Sept 2013
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      Puppies For Sale!
      They're back, once a year rare chocolate MalShis. Hypoallergenic, nonshedding sweethearts with soul melting green eyes. 5yr health guarantee, microchipped, current on all medical care. Private delivery available. Wingina, Virginia
    • Laura Collins (434) 841-7849
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      Puppies For Sale!
      Specializing in quality purebred and mixed-breed registered puppies. Happy & healthy guaranteed. Shipping available. Grundy Center, Iowa
    • Rex and Deb Meyers (319) 824-3214
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    • Friendly Acre Farms Dog Mixes & Designer Dogs
    • Winton, CA
  • Puppies Available Now!
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      Puppies For Sale!
      Beautiful, non-shedding designer puppies! All our puppies are very sweet & affectionate with the greatest personalities!! Malti-poos, Yorkie-poos, Cockapoos, Schnoodles. Puppies come with a one year health guarantee and shot/deworming record. In-Home Pick up/Shipping/Delivery available. Also has Cockapoo, Schnoodle, Goldendoodle. Winton, California
    • Luke and Sarah Peaster (209) 777-7782
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      One Male Available! Specially Priced! Our dogs are raised in our home & carefully bred for excellence. Written sales agreement & health guarantee. Care & feeding instructions. Vaccination / health records. Lifetime advice & support. References. Call for information / availability Burke, South Dakota
    • Lois Roggow (605) 775-2115
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  • Toy, Mini, & Medium Goldendoodles! Lifetime Guarantee!!!
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      Puppies For Sale!
      Home breeder of exceptional Goldendoodle Puppies. Raw & Orijen Six Fish diet. Puppies well socialized and started with house training. Lifetime health guarantee. Personalities suitable for service/therapy work. References gladly provided. Also has Miniature Goldendoodle. Missouri
    • Please email for initial contact
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      Puppies For Sale!
      Merle'Bullz is breeding nice, typy looking merles to AKC registered French Bulldogs to produce some amazing merle coat patterns and is working toward a dog with a true French Bulldog type with a striking merle coat pattern. Fair Oaks, California
    • Gail (916) 856-4338
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