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Chinese Shar Pei Puppies For Sale
These friendly and good natured medium sized dogs have wrinkles on both their face and body. They are independent and affectionate, loyal to their owners and make good watchdogs. Early socialization is very important as otherwise they can be quite withdrawn and reserved. They are good with other dogs, cats and children if raised with them. Shar Pei's can have either a straight or a harsh coats from short to 1" in length. Colors are black, red, chocolate, cream or fawn. Regular brushing is required to retain the healthy gleam of their coat. These dogs weigh from 35 to 45 lbs. and stand 18-20" at the shoulders. They need frequent exercise. Contact the dog breeders below for your next family friend.
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    • Pet Palace Mini Shar Pei Puppies & Toy Puppies
    • BC
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      Puppies For Sale!
      We Love of our dogs They effect us 'inside' as they give comfort, smiles & that warm, fuzzy feeling we rarely get from humans. They do love us, no matter what. British Columbia
    • Joan Rochford (250) 748-5380
    • Email Website
    • DreamCatcher Hill Chinese Shar Pei
    • IL
  • Health Tested Parents! Puppies are here!
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      Puppies For Sale!
      Quality AKC Mini Shar Pei. Very Wrinkly. Health & happiness evident! Super cuddly, intelligent, love kids! They're a big part of our family. UTD health care. Guarantee. Please see Website Illinois
    • Laurel Grench (618) 372-7547
    • Email Website
    • House of Ruffles Mini & Toy Chinese Shar Pei
    • Hudson, OH
  • Puppies Available Now!!
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      Puppies For Sale!
      Puppies-Available-Ready-Now! From Put a WRINKLE in your life! Blue, Lilac, Isabella, Platinum, Black, Fawn, Sable, Apricot Cream & Chocolate Dilute. Toys & Minis ready to ship! 1 year health guarantee. Hudson, Ohio
    • Lynn (216) 205-1688
    • Email Website

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